Duality: A Graffiti Story

Synopsis: A perspective on how graffiti has paved the way for many successful artists today.  The story is told by the artists themselves on their journey from tagging graffiti on city walls to becoming respected icons in the cities they serve.  They have proven that art is something that can influence, create emotion, inspire, and bring culture to an area.  As the film progresses, you see the difficulties they have endured and the public criticism of their work.  Today the murals they produce bring in big advertising dollars from some of the biggest companies.  These artists are hired to paint murals and design various forms of art for commercial campaigns.  The murals they produce are nothing short of awe-inspiring, from their sheer size to the complexity of the piece.  Their portfolios extend from massive spray-painted murals to fine art gallery showings.  The street art scene, at one point, was an underground subculture that has transformed into a legitimate profession.  This film offers insights into the struggles and successes of four artists from different cities as they tell how they overcame adversity and legality to where they are today.

Director: Ryan Dowling

Capeside Support
  • Executive Producers: Nikki Stier Justice & Grady Justice

  • Distributor: Nikki J. / Buffalo 8

  • Distribution, Executive Producer, Marketing, One Sheet, P&A Strategies
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