Van Gogh Paintings Brought to Animated Life

October 20, 2017

DEERFIELD — Vincent van Gogh’s life story is perhaps best told in the 2,000 artworks he left behind before dying at age 37, plagued by mental illness and poverty.

A new, ground-breaking feature film, “Loving Vincent,” looks at van Gogh’s life through 65,000 animated oil paintings, based on the artist’s own self-portraits, landscapes and street scenes. It took seven years to make, with 125 artists producing the paintings that replicate scenes from van Gogh’s most famous works — with an assist from a former Deerfield resident.

“Loving Vincent” is the world’s first oil-painted, feature length animated film, and it’s now showing in major cities — and at the Amherst Cinema Arts Center at least through Thursday, Oct. 26. However, the film has done well and its run may be extended next week, said a theater spokeswoman.

Nikki Stier, who grew up in Deerfield, is head of production for Good Deed Entertainment, the Los Angeles-based company distributing this film in major cities throughout the U.S. — and she wanted the film to be shown as close as possible to her hometown.

“Growing up in Deerfield, I know that Amherst, a college town with an appreciation for the arts, would be wonderful fit for the film,” she said. “Additionally, Royal Talens, the official paint supplier for the film, is based in Northampton. They came onboard as our partner for the film and hosted live painting events around the country, in support of the film’s release.”...