March 1, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the Winners of the 2023 ScreenCraft Horror Competition. These exceptional horror projects were selected from almost 1,700 submissions. Congratulations!

Overall Winner

Agua de tu Madre by Naiyah Ambros

Agua de tu Madre is a supernatural folktale of diaspora, generational inheritance, and resilience that centers on Zamira, a pregnant woman who struggles to find financial - and personal - stability while dealing with racism in the Cuban-American community along with the encroaching influence of the Santeria sea goddess, Yemayá.

Feature Winner

The House of Saints by Sandy Nicholson

An elderly man and his young granddaughter spend the weekend together in his isolated caravan – but while their relationship seems loving, each of them is hiding a sinister agenda that will bring them face-to-face with ancient evil beings that make their home out on the Northern English moors.

TV Winner

The Hole in the Woods by Rachel Greenhoe

20 years ago, 12-year-old Maggie disappeared while looking for fairies in the Vermont woods; now the only witnesses, her two cousins, struggle with the physical and emotional ramifications of their role in true crime history, especially now that it looks like history might repeat itself.

Add-on Prize Winners

Selected by Greg Newman

DeadMe by Asabi Lee and Paul Hart-Wilden

Aimless and down-on-her-luck Ash, inadvertently finds herself caught in the world's most secretive and deadly game, where absolutely anyone - at any moment- could be the death of her and the only way out is to kill or be killed in this ultimate game of survival.

Selected by Jim Klock

Strange Flesh by Devin Fearn

In the winter of 1917, an aging alcoholic Sheriff of a Native American town must overcome his haunted past, in order to save a young girl who's been abducted by a supernatural Native legend as it terrorizes the countryside.

We'd like to thank again our esteemed jury that included: Mike Flanagan (Writer, Director, Showrunner THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, MIDNIGHT MASS), Valarie Phillips (Agent, A3 Artists), Sandino Moya-Smith (VP of Development, MGM), Guy Busick (Screenwriter, SCREAM 5, READY OR NOT), Antonio D'Intino (Manager, Circle of Confusion), and Dan Kavanaugh (TV Executive, Vertigo Entertainment).

Congratulations to these winning...