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Synopsis: Snorkeling is an authentic coming-of-age film about love, addiction, and mental health. All of us – especially young people – fear loneliness and isolation. Teenagers Michael and Jameson explore these haunting subjects together. As their romance blossoms, a new hallucinogenic street drug called Snorkeling concocts a fantasy where the user feels invincible. They can interact with the world without fear or inhibition – a true out-of-body experience. When taking a drug this powerful, what are the possibilities – and the dangers? Through his trippy, colorful recreation of the euphoria and tragedy of drug dependency, director Emil Nava takes us on a unique journey of adolescent self-discovery.

Director: Emil Nava
Starring: Kristine Forseth, Brian Ioakimedes, Michael Jakes

Capeside Support
  • Theatrical One Sheet Designer: GradyJustice

  • Executive Producer:¬†Nikki Stier Justice

  • Distributor: Nikki Stier Justice/ Buffalo 8
  • Ancillary Art Support, Distribution, Executive Producer, Graphic Design, Key-Art, Marketing, One Sheet, P&A Strategies

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