The Clear

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Synopsis: A gripping tale set in the small, seemingly tranquil town of Brookdale, New Hampshire, young Rose Davis (Caitlin Blair Thistle) arrives with little expectation, only to find her life transformed by a chance meeting with local teen Morgan Thompson (Grady Justice). The film explores their extraordinary connection that transcends simple romance, revealing a centuries-old curse that looms over the town and “The Clear.” As Morgan teaches Rose to manage this curse, they must navigate its dangers without harming those around them. Their struggle intensifies with the interference of Prescott (Eric Eastman), a troubled individual whose actions bring turmoil and danger. Under the revealing light of a full moon, Rose and Morgan grapple with their true identities and the heavy burden of their situation. “The Clear” is a story of young love, mystery, and the difficult choices one must make in the face of destiny, marking a transformative journey for both the characters and the town itself.

Director: J. Christian Lehrbach
Starring: Caitlin Blair Thistle, Grady Justice, Eric Eastman, Caleb Cedrone

Capeside Support
  • Theatrical One Sheet Designer: GradyJustice

  • Executive Producer: Grady Justice & Nikki Stier Justice
  • Distributor: Nikki Stier Justice/ Buffalo 8
  • Ancillary Art Support, Distribution, Executive Producer, Graphic Design, Key-Art, Marketing, One Sheet, P&A Strategies

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